5 ways social media platforms are failing SMBs

5 ways social media platforms are failing SMBs

Small businessess are told nearly everyday that they need to invest more in social media advertising instead of more traditional channels – and this is milonda‘s reason for being –  but should this just be a one-sided thing?

It is true that only these new platforms offer the targeting required to reach a mobile generation constantly gripped by feeds and notifications, but it is unclear if SMBs are even being offered a level playing field.

1. There aren’t any preferential rates …

It is a major kicker – large multi-national corporations are being charged the same as SMBs because Facebook and Twitter refuse to charge by corporation size – is this really fair? This is something Milonda intends to lobby heavily on in the coming months as our business evolves.

2. Their ad management tools are complicated and unwieldy … 

If it sometime feels that courses are needed just to understand the complexities of ad management tools developed by major social platforms, dont worry you aren’t alone – You are an expert in your own field and shouldn’t need to also know the complexities of ROI, CPM and other metrics.

3. Automated support doesnt help …

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have achieved unparalleled access to the world’s population in a very short time, but this has come at a dire cost in terms of customer service for advertisers. Often human contact is completely detached and disencouraged.

4. Vague results …

Have you ever heard of an offer that was “taken” but you never get to know by whom? “Leads” that never respond – if so, then you have likely been dismayed at how Facebook and other platforms can quantify their own results. This is because they have a monopoly, and nobody is in the SMB’s corner against them

5. Those pesky algorithims …

We know it is a constant battle for social media feeds to keep consumers engaged and to not bombard them with advertising, but slanting an update’s performance poorly against others can render the whole process difficult even for top brands, what chance do SMBs face if the platforms do not tweak these to encourage real local business growth?

There are battles being waged on all these fronts and Milonda has been created to use our solutions and take a major stand on them. We feel that only through unifying results and automating marketing budgets will force the platforms to give SMBs a better voice – we’ll hope you’ll join us!








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