Milonda launches to revolutionise small business advertising

Milonda launches to revolutionise small business advertising

You would have to be a mad man to think small business advertising wouldn’t be impacted by the massive strains being placed on the publishing world.

Traditional channels like local newspapers are dying out, the yellow directories are gone, and now ad-blockers are limiting the exposure online publications had planned to offer in their place.

Step in Milonda. A new hyperlocal solution that aims to use a subscription model to automate the social media advertising process for all small to mid-sized businesses, worldwide.

Social media aren’t just offering a safe haven from ad-blockers, the rich data and geographic targeting gives small business an advertising product that is light years ahead of everything that has gone before.

But crafting a social media strategy to access this rich data, and appeal to social media browsers is a nuanced, complex task that few small business owners have time for.

This is why Milonda has launched – to give small businesses unified and managed access to social media platform.

“It is time that online advertising actually started to deliver on its promise for small business owners,” said Craig Guthrie, CEO of Milonda.

“Only social media can deliver the targeting that is needed to achieve results, but an independent micro-agency like ourself is needed to ensure that the best blend of social
media advertising is achieved.”

Guthrie points out that while a plumber might be best suited to placing offers on Facebook, an underwriter or new hairdresser may be better suited to Pinterest or Twitter.

“Our experts quickly determine the best strategy for a small business, making the process towards gettings offers launched as quick as possible”.

Milonda uses a simple, but unique algorithim developed by its team of social media experts to determine the best platform strategy.

Milonda has launched with a competitive pricing strategy, with plans ranging from just $4.99 a month to $99 a month for a complete, integrated ad package.


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