Why you need a unified social commerce strategy

Why you need a unified social commerce strategy

A lot of businesses today are exploring social commerce – after all, only these platforms offer the geolocation and demographic targeting that future-looking firms need.

According to new research from PayPal and Roy Morgan, 11 per cent of Australian consumers report that they have made a purchase via a social platform in the past six months and 7 per cent of Australian businesses indicate they accept transactions via social media.

And the platforms that are owning social commerce know this – Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg called the small business advertising market the web’s holy grail last year.

Each of the channels have their own impressive ad management tools, but can businessess rely on just one platform to spread our social commerce message?

In practice, the answer is no.

But why?

This is the case because each business has unique needs, and each platform has unique aspects that are best suited to them.

Equally, different campaign goals need different outlets.

For example, a hairdresser may be best using Facebook’s vouchers feature for direct offers, but Twitter’s promoted Tweets are better suited for new store openings.

Similarly, a legal service or small financial advisor may be better placed to use LinkedIn to prove its gravitas to small business owners.

Then there are product-focused social media platforms, such as Pinterest, that are better shaped for retailers or craft stores.

The solution?

The best method is to dip in and out of different platforms, using a/b testing and mutiple software solutions, to maximise even micro investments in PR.

It is also crucial that firms are able to see at a glance which platforms are presenting the best returns, through the use of intuitive dashboards.

In summary

So is social commerce a new dawn a for SMBs? Perhaps, but there is no silver bullet in the shape of a single platform.

Only a truly unified strategy will create the best returns.






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